External Authentication with Google OAuth 2.0 in nopCommerce

Authentication with Google via OAuth 2.0 in nopCommerce.

Supported versions: 3.20, 3.30, 3.40, 3.50, 3.60, 3.70

Configuration notes:

  • Go to the Google Developers Console and log in with your Google Developer Account
  • Select "Create Project"
  • Go to APIs & Auth -> Credentials in the left-hand navigation panel
  • Select "Create new Client ID" in the OAuth Panel
  • In the creation panel:
    • Select "Web application" as Application Type
    • Set "Authorized JavaScript origins" to the URL of your nopCommerce site (
    • Set "Authorized redirect URI" to URL of login callback (
  • Then go to APIs & Auth -> Consent Screen and fill out
  • Now get your API key (Client ID and Client Secret) and configure your nopCommerce

For more details, read the Google docs: Using OAuth 2.0 to Access Google APIs.